Monday, December 13, 2010

Fifth Day of Brahmotsavam:

Day 5
Deity is dressed as Mohini (temptress, a form of Vishnu) and taken
in ivory pallaki (carrier).
Night procession is taken on Eagle (Garuda vahanotsavam),

The rakshasas and Devas churned the mighty sea and obtained Amrutham (Nectar for eternal life) which the devas wanted. Lord vishnu took the form of the mind blowing beauty, Mohini. She tricked the Rakshasas using her blinding beauty while helping the Devas drink up the Amrutham.

5th day of Brahmotsavam, the insanely beautiful Mohini riding the Garuda.

The fifthe day is one of the most significant days of the entire Brahmotsavam. The crowds are extensive and the temple takes responsibility to accomodate the large numbers of people in attendance. The evening parada is extremely beautiful and devotees can never get enough of watching the Lord glittering in his own aura.

Photos courtesy of Perumal Neeladhvaja Jayasekhar

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