Wednesday, November 10, 2010

During and after the Pooja

Getting started with the pooja. My husband went to break the coconut as required.

For those participating in the pooja, we gave a tray, a basket to pack the pooja items after they were done. On the tray, a sweet box which came in handy to support the image of Shri Satya Narayana, 3 bowls filled with sandalwood paste, Akshatha (rice), water respectively. A spoon and also a Mango leaf to serve as spoon was provided. A banana to conviniently insert the agarbathis, an aluminium foil holding Haridra Kumkum, a pan leaf with Turmeric Ganesh, 2 deepams, and a glass tumbler to support the image without blocking the diety's image to the ones offering the prayer. A Katori or bowl to use during pooja for offering water and rice to God, a bowl of colorful flowers, fruits, turmeric branches (pasupu Kommulu), Haldi Kumkum, Kaajal and other ladies decoration items, pan leaf, date, Okka (nut), and flowers offered in thamboolam.

Getting ready to offer Aarthi to the lord.

My husband offering the aarthi and Mahaprasadam to all our dearest friends.

Little Princess Iniya. Shanmugam Anna and Bhuvana's little Fairy graced the occassion.

You can now see the Mango leaves thoran.

Getting ready for yummy coconut water teertham.

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