Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lakshmi Kubera Swami Pooja on Diwali Evening, 2010

We lighted Deepams and kept it al over the house, several in the Rangoli and at all door entrances. The house was looking bright and beautiful . It looked like Deepavali. The children were all so excited, they were busy running everywhere lighing deepams and simply enjoying the spirit of the day.

I made prasadams, Arisalu, Soaked Dals for Kosumbari, Bobbatly, Vada, Sweet Pongal, Panchamrutham, and other things I don't remember. We ate up everything

We missed a taking a lot of good pictures as we were too busy having fun. This is all we managed to take to share with all of you. You must have seen the dinner spread, it was beautiful. People relished the meals. It was a very fruitful and satisfying day.

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