Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Diwali pics, Nov 07, 2010

Thanks to Shwetha and Rajan, they had snapped more pics for our sake.

My Great friend and my sister (like) Pallavi (in pink) busy with bringing deepams. I'm the one (behind Pallavi) running around making sure everybody has everything that they need.

Shwetha is creating the 'Swasthik' Rangoli with Rice Flour. It's tricky to work with rice flour, but she did a fine job of it.

This creation is by Harshi Bhayya and I think the kids helped fill out the colors.

Shwetha with my neighbor's daughter, Ellory who is dressed up in my Kurthi top and necklaces (which she got to keep).

Shanmugam Anna supervising all the kids, seven in all. The Rangoli went all over the place. If I had bought enough colors, I'm sure they would have decorated the whole city in lovely colors!

Great Art Creations!

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