Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Simple Diwali Rangoli, 2010

Washed the Gummam or the entrance to the home right in front of the door very well. Let the place dry and made a rangoli using rice flour. I let the kids add color to the rangoli. We put Haldi Kumkum in the center with some rose petals. A Rangoli is a  geometric design drawn in front of a house in different colors to welcome the 'God' or "Godess Lakshmi' to the home. It also welcomes guests home. In most cases, a colorful rangoli simply represents inner awakening.

The kids were too excited and they moved the colors of the Rangoli while placing the lamp or 'diya' in  the center.

My children, happy to be home early from school to help me draw a Diwali Rangoli and fill it up with colors. We prayed to Goddess Lakshmi, hence a lotus is drawn with Rose petals inside of it.

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