Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Satyanarayana Pooja on Nov 07, 2010

We had not taken any pictures from our Camera, I don't remember when we took this picture. I have more coming up from one of the friends who participated in the pooja. There were about 15 people including kids in the home and we were simply too busy. Must have paused to take some pictures.

I let the guests do seva to SatyaNarayana Swami by drawing the Rangoli. They found it tough to do it with Rice flour, but they did awesom with chalk piece. The Rangoli is by Shwetha and the kids filled up all the colors of the lotus. Deepam was placed by all the 'Grihinis,' housewives.

Friends and children drawing Rangoli all over the pavement, right onto the streets. I had bought an abundance of colors, so there was simply no stpping the over excited children. Even the nighbor's kids, wore my clothes and jewelry and participated in the excitement.

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